Saturday, September 19, 2009


I binged today... I hated myself all day too. Pizza, soup, some pastries... I haven't weighed in yet but I imaging it'll be listing me in the 140's. I hate this after so much work and losing weight I fuck it all up with all this food. The only possible plus side is that it'll charge up my metabolism, which I honestly doubt. I can't see it getting charged up that much. But now at least I know I can do better, I can and will go for a few days without food, or at most under 500 cal.

God I'm such a failure...


Ana's Girl said...

Failures only serve to remind you how good success feels. Stay strong and start over. I'm sure you'll do great now with increased motivation.

Anonymous said...

Oo.. Yeah, I like what Ana's Girl said.

You're not a failure. Your body is naturally forcing you to eat. It's not your fault that you have a little bit of trouble overcoming centuries of evolution.