Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to 139

Today didn't go all too well. At lunch J decided it was hotdog time and made us both two hotdogs. I wound up eating one of mine since he was watching but first chance I got I threw the other one away. So 260 cal there.

For dinner my mom made sone big lasagna for everyone. J and I ate in his room, where I kept my plate off to the side while playing on his computer, I ate one bite and as sooncas I could threw out the rest. Dunno how many cal are in that one bite.

I just weighed myself and I'm back up to 139. I did drink a few cans of nob-diet soda bur it's never affected me before. well from now on only diet soda, black coffee, and water for drinking. I can't stand myself for gaining a pound like that. Maybe it's still from the pizza yesterday?

Tomorrow I work with BR, and he's gonna want to go out for lunch probably, though if I can convince him to have us eat at his place I can say I don't feel like having any of what he has there, I dunno... Just upset and depresses now...


theamazingmango said...

Awww.. =( Good luck. <3 I hope Ana makes everything work out ok so you don't have to eat.

Love you. <3

Ana's Girl said...

Aww you have such bad luck with people making you eat stuff. But i applaud your strength throwing a lot of the food away. If i was in your situation i'd probably just give up and be fat...eww. You're awesome! Seriously, you are, so don't be depressed. You'll figure out some way to not eat. Stay strong.