Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Right track?

Yesterday turned out to be ok food and weight wise. All total my food was a flatbread sub from subway (they look at you odd when you don't get cheese or some super fatty sauce btw), later I had a small (scoop maybe scoop and a half) of pasta with a bit of parma cheese on it, no sauce. I wound up losing like 2.5 lb some how... I'm a bit confused by that.

So far today I've had a bagel and that's it (besides diet mountain dew). I'm hoping I manage to prevent anymore eating today and lose more weight I feel so fat in my body.


Laura said...

Yay you! Yesterday wasn't a good day for me. I'm glad you're on the right track though! It gives me hope for myself.
Stay strong!

dol said...

Well done!! Keep it up!
:) You lose the weight in no time!

throughraindrops said...

why do people in shops do that??
its just like oh im so sorry does it offend you that i dont want to be fat like you?

Ana's Girl said...

You'll be feeling thinner in your body so soon if you keep that up. (I know what you mean about the people at Subway looking at you funny. I do wish they'd just mind their own business.) Stay strong!