Friday, September 4, 2009


So the chinese buffet happened of course. Afterward I was furious at myself but I did my best to hide my iritation, still wound up cutting myself pretty bad. And then I wake up to find that somehow I actually lost a pound. I'm bewildered confused and in a better mood because of it.

So far I've had nothing but some diet soda today, not sure if my roommate plans on having us go out tonight or not. If he does I'm gonna play my vegetarian card hardcore, if not then I'll finally get a 0 cal day, I've been needing one badly.

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Ana's Girl said...

Well a lost pound is a lost pound, no matter how you got it. It's a fantastic thing. Lol. I'm sorry you cut though... can't say much as i often do the same thing... But good luck on your 0 Calorie day!