Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yesterday went fairly well, no food all day. At night mom made some kind of chicken which I had to grab a piece of, thankfully I was able to just nibble on it and in all have maybe half a bite.

Today though I was stuck. BR and I went to visit our friend. While there I was unable to get out of eating a chicken sandwhich. It felt terrible... I hate this, I'm going to new York on saturday with friends and I'm so fat that I'm not even going to look good in the clothes I wanna wear. Thankfully tomorrow and Friday I should be able to pull off the kekwick diet, that'll at least drop off at least 4 lb. Still too fat and ugly but maybe I'll be able to get by with my look.

I just dunno. When I look at food i'm thinking about it for like half an hour before I can even try eating it. I mean I kinda want to eat, I just can't bring myself to it. How do other people do it? I mean what do they think about when they see food?


theamazingmango said...

That's the biggest mystery in life...

For me, I just think about how it would feel coming up. Lulz. Probably not normal.

Good luck with Kekwick. <3

Sunny Mc.FatFace said...

food is brutal.
I'm pretty sure it all wants to kill us because I mean we eat it and its siblings... Someday whatever is on our plates will come alive and strangle us from the inside out
I'm feeling paranoid
about that cream cheese I just threw away because it was looking at me
I hope you have a good time in New York despite feeling like shit about yourself, I manage sometimes and I mean NY is cool right... good place to people watch