Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well after doing really good at the college with no intake except doer coke, I got home with my roommate who decided we should have a pizza. The good thing is that I was able to cut the pizza (which thankfully wasn't to big), so I had him get like 70% of it.

After that I thought I wouldn't be losing Amy weight but woke up to find myself 2 lb down to 140. Seems my body is still syaying on the right track. I still have a lot to lose but at least I'm finally getting somewhere. I'm worried about tonight though, we both have had no real cash for a while and he's getting paid tpday so he decided yesterday that since he's been craving Chinese that we are going to a buffet.

I know I have no way our of this so my best bet is to eat nothing until then and then have as little as possible. I'm still scared to go to the buffet though, I don't wanna lose the progress I've made.


Ana's Girl said...

Buffets are the scariest places ever! They're like a set up for a binge. Try to spend most of your time wandering around the food tables, acting picky, and then fill up your plate with mostly veggies. You'll do alright; just stay strong!

One of Ana's Boys said...

I also thought of since I've had little cal intake these past few days that putting more into me will reboost my metabolism. Hopefully it works out for me because you're right those buffets are the perfect set-up to ruin a good diet

pokerface said...

Congrats on the loss. I had the Chinese buffet experience a while ago. It's actually okay as long as you don't eat before it and you choose the right foods (small portions). I talked the whole way through so that my food was too cold to finish, which was a decent excuse. Hope it goes well and well done on the loss.