Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor day

I have like no sense of most holidays, except x-mas, thanksgiving, and my favorite Halloween. But any way, apparently the scales have changed their minds over night as I'm apparently at 137 now.

So far today I've had nothing but diet green tea, telling BR that I'm just not hungry. I'm sure there are plans for some food at home and my plan for that is to say that I ate with BR so I'm still stuffed. Should work... I hope.


Ana's Girl said...

I'm the same way. Holidays are whatever in my world. Lol. Except Halloween. Halloween is the best thing ever.

Good luck. Your plan sounds like a good one. :)

Yum said...

I agree with Ana's Girl that Halloween is superior to all other holidays.

I always forget about holidays like Labor Day. Last year I actually got up and went to work, and was surprised that nobody was there. (This year I was warned the day before, at least.)

Scales are lying liars.