Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Then dinner

I had a good day then got stuck eating dinner, some chicken Alfredo stuff. I had a bit of it, though still too much. And my body also agreed against it, four times.

Somehow with all this I managed to lose 2 lb. Thankfully tomorrow I should be able to do a total fast at the college.

Please Ana let me lose more weight, I want to be perfect...


Ana's Girl said...

I hate it when i do well all day and then get forced into eating dinner; it's so frustrating. Stay strong and keep trying; you're sure to lose something soon.

"Please Ana let me lose more weight, I want to be perfect..." That phrase sums up my life.

skinny love said...

My fasts/restrictions go so well, until I go to my dad's house.

It's weakness on my part as well, though. I just can't stay away from all the delicious Afghan food that his wife cooks.

How did your college fast go?

One of Ana's Boys said...

Today my college fast has gone pretty well, though it wasn't a fast more like half a bagel and tons of diet soda. But it's gone well and I shouldn't get home till after dinner, even if I do get home and they have dinner I can say I ate at the college.