Friday, September 4, 2009

A small bit of food

So we wound up going to my roommate's parent's place (gonna call him J) and I wound up having 290 cals from one hot pocket that he made for me and basically forced onto me. So all in all it was more than I wanted to have but I can deal with a day under 300 cals.

Tomorrow me and friends including J play a game and I will be at B's apartment, they will prolly wind up getting food, so I'll be eating a salad at most as long as noone gets too suspicious, which shouldn't happen because only J and BR knows a bit of my food issues. I'll make tomorrow a good day somehow


Ana's Girl said...

Good job eating only what was forced on you, and good luck tomorrow. I'm sure you'll do well. Stay strong and think thin!

theamazingmango said...

Good luck. =)


Sorry I haven't read your blog in a few days. All that wedding stuff, you know. Grr.