Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hate myself...

I wound having to eat 2 slices of some super fatty Pizza Hut pizza... I hate myself so much, no food all day and then this eating. I feel so weak, so pathetic, so fat. Not home yet so I haven't weighed myself but I probably gained a ton of weight.

Afterward we all went on a long walk through a bit of the city we are in, but the whole time I was on the verge of tears, at one point J asked if I was ok and I came up with an excuse, they would never understand how I feel about myself and eating... I still felt horrible, I just hate myself.


Wry Sparrow said...

Its going to be ok because you're stronger than your friends. We all slip up but the next day we are stronger than food. You can do this, look at how far you've already come, and what you've accomplished. Next time just think about eating in front of the mirror naked. Or carry some thinspo around so you wont be as tempted and you can remember what your purpose is.

Ana's Girl said...

Aww. Don't be so hard on yourself, sweetheart. It was only a couple of slices and that's the ONLY food you had all day, so it's not so awfully bad. And tomorrow is always another day to start over. You can do it; it'll be ok. Stay strong.

Laura said...

Ick, I HATE Pizza Hut because of their super fatty pizza, but it was just a couple slices, and you are SO STRONG.
You can more than make up for it pretty quickly I bet.
Hang in there! And don't be so hard on yourself, either. You're amazing!