Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Post labor day

In the end we had a small cook-out, with me doing the grilling. I enjoyed this since I was in perfect control of what I made for myself, which was one hotdog.. Of which I ate about half of before tossing it.

This morning my scales claimed I had neither gained nor lost weight from yesterday, upsetting but not terrible. So far today has been diet energy drinks (to jeep me going) and cigarettes. The best part is I don't even feel hungry, which will make it easier later on to refuse any food.


Ana's Girl said...

Good for you. You're sure to lose some of that pesky weight if you keep this up. You're so strong... Can i steal some of your strength? Please? Lol.

dol said...

Yay for diet soda and cigs.
:) it's great that you had control.
keep going :)