Monday, December 8, 2008

fasting and stress

Fast yesterday went pretty well until a slight bump at the end. But today is going much better. Woke with a headache... again, but thanks to some Diclofenac it eased up a bit. Also couldn't get online at all for some odd reason last night, thus the no-post. At elast the filming went well... if you can ignore the blistering COLD... which I couldn't.

Now I'm just stressing out about classes that aren't going too well and money that I don't have yet need (that is if I plan on continuing my college studies and also plan on driving ANYWHERE). Once my weight starts going down more I'm sure these things will somehow clear up. I dunno maybe it's an odd way to think.

At least tonight I get to chill with friends and watch more Supernatural, and then at 9 hopefully get some Heroes in.

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