Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Can't lose

Seems I just can't drop past 128 for some reason. Yesterday didn;t go too well with a surprise trip to a buffet by my friend who insisted that I have at least 2 plates of food, and no salad. I hate getting caught in those kinda things. But at least I didn't gain any weight from it all. Today should be a good day of restricting, it's 2:06pm and all I've had thus far is a cup of yogurt.


LoveMeDead said...

hey sweetie
you'll get there!!!
the holidays are the absoloute worst time, i know.
good luck.

hey.hana said...

Ditto what she said.

Also, those don't sound like friends. Two plates? That's excessive for anyone.

Sounds like a situation for the ol' "My mother just texted me, I have to go" excuse. Then jump up and run outta there aqap.

Not that I've ever done that or anything....

xo Hana

One of Ana's Boys said...

Yeah holidays are the worst. And the thing with my friend is that he's huge, like 250+ lb, so for him going through 4 plates is nothing. And I couldn't use the mom just texted gotta go... since I drove there. Woulda been hard to explain later heh