Sunday, December 28, 2008


So my internet is down and i have to blog using my cell, at least it works. My mom just got some new scale and its supposed to be like crazy accurate but it lists me at 123 a full 4lb under what my scale claims. I wanna believe it but at the same time i wanna believe mine because it says i need to lose more weight and i am inclined to believe that.


hey.hana said...

What makes it so accurate?

Anna said...

when i got my new digital scale with all the fancy schmancy features and leveling and all that crap it had me a few lbs lighter as well. it freaks me out too.

i always blog from my cell when I'm away from home lol

One of Ana's Boys said...

I'm not sure what makes it accurate, the scale claims to be as accurate as a doctor's scale but I dunno... I hate my reliance on scales so much especially when I never seem to be fully able to trust them.

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