Tuesday, December 16, 2008

125 - revisited

Once again I've gotten down to 125. It seems that the restricting from yesterday somehow paid off. I dunno, sometimes the math of metabolism is just really odd. I was terrified that I would have gained instead of any loss but was relieved to see I was wrong. The restricting continues today, tomorrow the plan is more severe restricting or possibly start up a two-day fast.


Miichelle said...
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Miichelle said...

2 pounds may not seem like much
to a lot of people.
But i know how it feels when you
lose even A POUND.
it all adds up, & in the end
it all pays off.
Its always the BEST when you
expect for the worst,
but see a good, and surprising

GoodLuck to you !


P,s anytime you need any
support or thinspo,
or advice,
or.. just want someone to
talk to .
Im always here !
I hope to talk to you soon.
GoodLuck again .

One of Ana's Boys said...

Thanks Miichelle, I may take you up on that offer when things get tough haha