Thursday, December 4, 2008

day's end and stats

This day ended fairly well I guess. Due to last night's binge I didn't get down much, but then again at this point any loss is good loss. I was with some friends this evening and we watched more of Supernatural, and while there they managed to tempt me with taquitos and cheetos. My will power stayed with me and I stayed strong and allowed no such food to be allowed for me. For that I'm almost proud of myself, not that it should be any kind of contest I should be able to just immediately say no to any and all food, not just food at work.

Also I figured that I will put up my stats (admittedly with much chagrim and disgust at myself) about once a week. At the very least I'll have a pretty good look at how I'm doing throughout the month. So with no further adieu:

CW: 128.0 Lb
HW: 175 Lb
LW: 127 Lb(14 yrs old in high school)
GW1: 115 Lb
GW2: 110 Lb
B: 32 H: 27 W: 33
(I dunno maybe I'm doing something wrong with measuring myself there. Those measurements seem odd maybe it's just me)

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O.G. said...

Our high weight is exactly the same too. How freaky. o: