Wednesday, December 3, 2008

failure.. and excuses

Try as I may to follow the belief of 'no excuses' (Rule 3 of Project Mayhem) I still find myself often bound to them. Today I failed horrifically at my fast. This started when I awoke with a headache the likes of which I haven't seen before, at one point it was decided I should see a doctor today due to these headaches (migraines which I get frequently, lucky me). After the doctor my mom decided we should go to Burger King where I was unable to get away with any less than a Chicken Original and fries.

The true collapse of today came later, after college, when I went to the local Giant to get diet soda and eventually found myself in the bakery... and later left with a few doughnuts and a pan of brownie with cream cheese on it. After going through 2 and a bite of the doughnuts throughout the rest of the night I managed to consume nearly half of the brownie pan. I couldn't be more upset at myself.

I have decided to restart my fast, I will eat nothing until saturday, no matter how great the temptation, or how stubborn the person attempting to make me eat. This I swear.

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