Thursday, December 11, 2008


Not much in the way of loss today, which I guess is to be expected since the body changes it's weight a lot. Pretty good day of fasting today, no food at all. Though I did have more coffee it doesn't seem to matter much, I guess as long as I keep it down on the frequency... I wouldn't have even had that coffee if I hadn't been at the mall today.

Tomorrow should go just as fair as today went, and no coffee since I won't be anywhere near the mall at all. Closest thing I'll have to starbucks coffee is coffee at work (for me that's black or black with 5 packets of Equal in it).

It's good that the scale is going down, but I need more loss. I need to get down to 120 by X-Mas but seeing as how things are going I may actually need to revise that as 115 by X-Mas. My body should be able to accomplish that much, especially with my mind getting on track as it is. With everything going crazy in my life at least I can control my food intake.

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