Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day 2 onto 3

Yesterday didn't go as well as planned, friends at the college insisted on getting me to eat... hopefully they aren't getting onto anything. One friend jokes of me being anorexic and I certainly hope he's just joking, not that they could really do much to make me stop. So it ended up being a bit of pizza and nothing else, thankfully that's only about 450 cal which is 450 cal too much for my preference.

Today I woke with the worst headache ever, just like yesterday but worse. I decided not to go to class for now which is fine since my 9am class was canceled, all I have other than that is my 3pm class. My mom insists on taking me to see a doctor today about my headaches, and I hope he doesn't start asking questions about my eating and weight... also if he asked to check me physically I'll need to get my mom out of the room somehow due to some recent and old scars/cuts... not proud of them and prefer people to not see them. Even talking about them here makes me a bit uncomfortable... Not that anyone even sees this blog anyway...

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