Thursday, December 25, 2008


Well I'm psyched about the holidays... not the gifts and get-togethers but rather the fact that they are over. I am a christmas person, I get into the spirit and everything, I just despise the eating that comes with it. I feel like I weigh 200+ pounds after every meal... thank god that's not true. But still I haven't weighed myself (too terrified despite the feeling that I NEED to weigh myself) but I'm positive that I won't be enjoying the results at all.

With the holidays in mind... I stopped at a pharmacy on the way home to pick up some laxies... I just gotta empty myself out a bit... I woulda bought Ipecac if they had it... even though I'm aware that purging is a downward slope.


DaftDragon said...

hey there, new to your blog. i'm glad your writing about this, people forget ED is something that goes on with guys too. i can appreciate the stress of holiday eating for sure, and despite the fact that I consider myself "recovered" i def joined u in the ex-lax clean out this holiday. gah. good luck to you.

Rach-ums said...

Yes yes DON'T purge! It's bad news bears. I'm glad the holidays are over too.

One of Ana's Boys said...

Yeah I'm avoiding the purging, closest is the laxies, even then I don't really go overboard at all with them.