Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So yesterday I managed to go ahead and ruin what I was doing. But today was better, and tomorrow will be even more so. I had some pizza today (roughly 450 cal) and diet soda. And cigarettes... life-savers right there, lower my appetite and keep my mind off food. Tomorrow's plan is to fast, probably friday as well. Then on saturday I'm going to a banquet at a boy scout troop for my kid brother, no doubt there will be plenty of food, and I need to search through it all for nothing but salad if possible, if not I'll have to go with as little as possible.

Semester is over, and I managed to fail two out of three classes, go me. I found out I should be able to get in next semester, which was determined by when the last chance to put up for payment plan is (Jan 6th plenty of time). So now I just need to register for my classes and save up my money. Thankfully some good luck is coming my way as a new car, I've been getting sick and tired of driving around in a car with only 3 gears and no music. It's really the no music part that kills me.

I'm also tired of being stuck at the mid-twenties. I'll be getting down to the high teens ASAP. I have my goal date and will do whatever I can to get there at that time.

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