Monday, December 22, 2008

I hate failure

This weekend was a huge failure. I hate failing so much. Saturday's banquet was like a whole extra thanksgiving, I couldn't even get out of any of it. No salads, no healthy choices, nothing like that. Then yesterday I went to hang out with a few friends which somehow turned last minute into us going to a chinese buffet, only these friends know about me and my eating a bit more than other people. So of course they watched me like hawks. I hate it. My weight has climbed back up to 128 and I feel disgusting. The only thing that made me feel a little better yesterday was going to K-Mart's to visit a friend who was working and being able to try on and fit into a Boy's size 14. Even then it just made me think about whether or not I can go lower with that... I feel I might not make my goal by X-Mas...

The plan for today is restrict to 500 cal. That should give my body just enough so it won't crash and go into binge mode while still letting it burn off the extra fat.


That Girl. said...

Oh I know the feeling.
You thought it was a quiet afternoon with friends but ooooh no!
"Hum, shall we go to the cinema?"
"Yum PopcornCorndogsPick'n'MixSlushies etcetcetc"

Haha dont worry, youll go back to what you were

Stay strong

Love xx

One of Ana's Boys said...

Yerah it'll just take MORE time, ugh. Ah well it'll totally be worth it in the end.