Thursday, December 11, 2008


Weighed myself in before class today and it seems I'm down a bit more to 126. I guess that's pretty good but it's not nearly enough. Currently in web design, a class I'm afraid I will fail. Hopefully I can convince the teacher to show me how to build this site that needs to be built and turn it in today. If I can do that and get my next one in I should be able to skim by.

It's hard to describe how upset I am that the last two semesters I was Dean's List and now I'm HOPING to pass my courses.


Aya said...

good work. i'm doing a 14 day water fast as part of my plan to lose everything i lost before i got forced into recovery, and hopefully then some.

so far i've dropped 4 pounds, and its been 81 hours.

good luck

a. xx

One of Ana's Boys said...

Thanks, congrats on 81 hours thus far. If you've done well so far I doubt anything will mess you up now. I would continue my fast longer I think but on saturdays I go up to my father's place... And they enforce eating there so I usually just skimp a bit on the food.

Good luck with the rest of your 336 hours.