Friday, January 16, 2009


So first off my internet is working just fine now, just thought I'd get that outta the way first. My restricting has been going pretty well today, a Nurtigrain bar (120 cal) and a bowl of vegetable soup (220 cal) bringing my total in at 340 cal, that and diet soda and cigarettes pretty much fleshes out my day today. The only thing I dread is that tomorrow I will be with my dad and thus there will most likely be eating, I think I'll do fine as long as we don't go to some buffet or something of similar nonsense.

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Anonymous said...

eeeek I hate family eating outings....If you go to a buffet id be easier to dipose of your food secretly without him noticing though...Iv done that plenty of times. But good job with the restricting. Think thin...<3