Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 1 of 3

So my fast thus far has gone well. Nothing but coffee and cigarettes, except for one diet coke and one cup of Vanilla Caramel Tea (0 cal). So all in all I went well through the day. The scale has me starting to get back down to an almost reasonable weight but I need to keep it up. Tomorrow will hopefully be more of the same... though I do need to go get more cigs, they help ever so much with my appetite and keeping away from eating.


hey.hana said...

Great job! You inspire... What do your parent's think about you smoking cigarettes? My mother constantly "hints" to me about how bad they are for you and how awful I reek of them all the time. It's awkward b/c I just kinda sit there and don't say anything.

My dad most likely knows as well, but either he doesn't care as much or he realizes I'm my own person or something.

So what do you say ((if anything?))

One of Ana's Boys said...

My mom and step-father don't know, I plan to keep it that way for as long as I can, my real dad and step-mom know, my dad joins me in smoking and my step-mom prefers to not have us smoke around her.

Also I dunno if I really inspire. I feel I fail too often to be any kind of inspiration.