Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting back on track

I'm starting to get back on track, restricting today, and I'll likely fast tomorrow and wednesday (as long as no friend related troubles pop up). I've been looking EVERYWHERE for a red bracelet, just a simple red bracelet, tried Hot Topic, Clair's, all over the mall... then I found what I was looking for yesterday, at Wal-Mart. So now I've got my Red Bracelet on all the time. I know not too many people know what it stands for, but those who do will recognize it quickly.


Rhianna said...

Good Luck with the fast :)


mlr said...

i hope you've had a good day today :). i read about loosing the job, that stinks. (parents won't let me work right now b/c of school >.<) i feel like i should know, but the red bracelet is for what? it's really weird: i feel like i should know it somehow (-.-). anyway, i know it's a random post, so hi :).

One of Ana's Boys said...

The red bracelet stands for Pro-Ana.

Also, be lucky that you don't have to work, working because you want to is a lot more entertaining than working because you HAVE to