Monday, January 19, 2009

Brand New Day

So college is starting up tomorrow which I'm thankful for, even though I won't actually be attending (no money = no classes), but I'm going to go hang out there when I can until I officially go back next semester. At the very least it will allow me to stay away from home and let me get away from food temptations. Noone at the college knows of my little problem with food, so noone pressures me to eat. Today is going pretty good, currently going with the plan of No Plan.

Today has been 3 cups of Vanilla Caramel Tea with artificial sweetener. Haven't had the chance to hit up a cigarette yet though, and I do want one quite a bit. My craving isn't bad at all which I attribute to the fairly good quantity of liquid in my belly right now. As long as I can keep myself together and not fall into a pattern of eating more than 1K Cal then I should start to get back down to where I NEED to be.


LoveMeDead said...

mmmm. vanilla caramel tea sounds soooo good!

One of Ana's Boys said...

very good, especially with 0 cal sweetener, since tea is of course Sans Calories

Laura, leave it alone said...

I love that tea, so good. And it smells even better than it tastes.