Thursday, January 8, 2009


I feel so miserable now, I spent the last two days hanging ut with friends who are constantly worried about me and my weight. Thus there was a lot of eating involved. All the weight loss I had made from my fast vanished quicker than ever. Can't trust the scale right now since there is still food in my stomache, but even with that knowledge it's almost impossible for me to deal with the reading on my scales. I'll be spending sunday into monday at my father's place and I just know that there will be eating... but they don't have any idea about my eating problems... which should make it significantly easier to get by with eating much less.


Anna said...

i try to avoid scales when i am full of food :(

i have friends like that too... but they are just fat and jealous! i offer to meet them for tea and its just not good enough. they just want to pig out and get offended when i dont want to stuff my face with all the same garbage they are shoveling in. gah! (pardon my rant!)

best of luck with your family!

LoveMeDead said...

the worst thing you can do is beat yourself up about it all. just promise yourself you will do better tomorrow. whats done is done ok? stay safe, and stay strong!

One of Ana's Boys said...

I'm doing my best to stay strong, it can be tough a lot though. On the note of my friends I can kinda understand it, they mostly just wanna try and help they just don't realize that A) I don't want help right now, and B) That making me eat isn't help at all.

jes said...

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