Wednesday, January 21, 2009

restrictions restrictions

First off: Wow 19 followers, meaing at least 19 people regularly actually give half a shit of what goes on in my life. Thanks guys I really mean it, it's a great help to know that some people out there do seem to care or at least have a passing interest you help me out a lot.

So today was a restriction day... not incredibly successful (2 slices of pizza, a cookie, a starbucks gingerbread coffee (sugarfree), and a brownie), but somehow through all that I managed to actually lose a little bit of weight. Currently down to 126, still too much, gotta lose a lot more. Sometimes I go by physical signs instead of weight though, for example you can sort of see what I look for in my photo there, the abdomen area for me has a solid line of my ab-muscle going from solar plexus to my hips, if I can feel a bit around it at least I can tell that I'm not too bad off. If I can't feel it at all then I really freak out for a while. I also go by a lot of measurements of my body (and yes here you are getting my real current stats):
fore arm: 9in
Wrist: 6in
Waist: 28in
Hips: 34in
Bust: 32in
Thigh: 18in
Ankle: 7in

Maybe that's a bit further than most people go, but then again I can't exactly say that I'm like most people.

In other news: Lost my job. Yeah, go me. Lost it on tuesday, needless to say I was... irrate. As if I don't get irritable enough from constant depression and hunger, then stress at home, they go ahead and through that right on top of the heap. It sucks. Bad. On the plus side (hopefully): I'm going to the place where a few of my friends currently work tomorrow to apply for a job. If things work out I'll manage to net myself a job. Not the job I would prefer there, but at least it's a foor in the door. And a few of my friends there have enough sway to hopefully help me get into a REAL position there, one where I can more freely take breaks. Not that breaks is the major concern (added bonus really), but also it's a pay increase from 8.50/hr to 12/hr. That's a nice pay up. Hell, even 8.50 is a little more than a dollar more than what I was getting at my last job. And that wasn't part time.

Ah yeah, part time to full time. Not something I especially look forward to but I figure: A) I'm not currently in any classes at college and B) I REALLY need the money.

So here's hoping my luck works out. My luck is kinda odd, I've managed to escape death (not even a joke there, I'll get into that later) with my luck and get a nice sports car to name a few off the top of my head. And I get this feeling my luck may help me out with the job search as well.

So this has been a rather large post, I hope you all didn't mind my ranting about the non-ED part of my life, but it all ties together in one way or another.


RayRay said...

Sorry 'bout the job. :( Good luck with the applications!

Pro_Ana_MoDel said...

quite sorry bout the job... i was supposed to go to audition today and there was no one who would drive me there so now i won't get it... feels quite shit loosing your position... huh.... :(

One of Ana's Boys said...

Ya it does feel shit