Thursday, January 7, 2010


whoo tank girl, and we gotted tanked, whee. I hate my fucking life, ugly, fat, ah well a bit of drinking helps calm the edges, now I gotta draw. Maybe one day I won't be fat, god I hate this. Here I am online because I can't even consider conferring to my close friends of all that's fucked up in my life. I get the impression that my friends think I'm egotistical and confident, ambitious, well adjusted... ish. Instead I hate myself and wish I could trade bodies with someone else like EVERY DAY!!! gah, is that fucked up??? I think it's fucked up, can't even be compfy in my own body, my own brain, my own twisted LIFE!!! FUCK IT, I'm stumbling over to the couch to draw, play video games, watch TV, and DRINK!!! No order, all at once.... MAYBE?!


Twig~ said...

I hope you start to feel at least a bit better soon...To be honest, I dont think any of us feel truly happy in our bodies. Or our minds...and our lives are pretty much centered around that so thats all three that are screwed! But we fight on with the hope that some day we will find happiness and make sense of it all, under all the fat. So good luck xxx

Violet said...

Lol someone's had a bit too much.

Hope you enjoyed it.