Wednesday, January 27, 2010

0 cal

Today went well, fixed my screw up not so much yesterday but today definately. Yesterday I went most of the day with diet drinks and no food until dinner when I had to eat veal (ugh not just meat but baby cow). And somehow I lost a pound from that, not sure how but no complaint here.

Today I was able to go through the day on diet coke, diet amp, cigarettes, and headache pills. I'm hoping that with this I see a bit of change in my weight. I made a promise today to a friend that I woudn't cut, and since I cut in response to eating that means tonight no new slices will be going on my arm or leg.

I also took a few assessment tests yesterday and it turns out that according to them I either have or am at great risk of having an eating disorder, OCD, and anxiety... Go figure, kinda par for the course.


Ana's Girl said...

Hey, if you promised not to cut, you just promised not to eat, right? Perfect thinspo right there. Good job today. Keep it up!
Do you take headache pills during a fast because you get a headache from not eating or is there some hidden power in headache pills that i don't know about?

One of Ana's Boys said...

Nah I take headache pills due to my normal chronic migraines. On the plus side it makes me like 2-D from gorillaz.. Only with green hair and not as tall or thin... So in some small way I'm nothing like 2-D

Anonymous said...


Good luck with not cutting. =)