Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lost weight

Yesterday ended shaky but good, a bunch of us went to see avatar, I manages to get through the whole experience with only diet soda so that went well even though the whole night was filled with temptation left and right but I managed to stay strong through it all.

Before bed I weighed in at 141 and this morning it changed to 140 so clearly I'm losing weight though I don't feel any thinner. Today should be fine except I don't see a way out of meatloaf for dinner tonight so I'll aim for smaller portion. Gah I hate not being able to get away from eating.


Mina Belle said...

"feel nausious" today. It should help

One of Ana's Boys said...

It would but I have a history of never getting sick, which has this far been a double-edged sword since I don't get sick but also can't really use it as an excuse.

Rhianna said...

Well done for staying so strong at the movies, i know i struggle with my friends offering me popcorn and chocies left right and center.

Keep doing well babe, your gonna be so thin! =)

Anonymous said...

My parents saw Avatar yesterday. That's why they went out. Ha. That's crazy.

Good job on resisting. =)

Ana's Girl said...

Good job not eating at the movie; you're so strong! Losing weight and feeling thinner are two very different things unfortunately. Keep up the good work. One of these day's you've gotta see your progress.