Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fear and loathing of weight

Sorry I almost never post, mostly because I don't feel like it's worth it unless I actually accomplish something instead of failing non-stop. Also I've decided to set up a Twitter account, I feel if i'm sending up info nonstop I'll be more able to keep on track.

Last night was good and bad, the good is that J picked up wii fit plus, the great thing about is that you can set up routines to target specific aspects. So I'm working on hips, tummy, and lots of fat burning routines. The bad was later on as I was going to bed and was up most of the night thinking of how much I hate my body and weight and how ugly I am. I hate feeling like this but maybe these thoughts will also help motivate me.

Well anyway if anyone is interested my Twitter is Twitter.com/oneofanasboys check it out if you wish.


Mango said...

YAY!!! <3

I always miss you soo much when you don't post for a while. It makes me sad. =(

Definitely checking out your twitter. =)

Mina Belle said...

I <3 your blog! I'm following you now :D

Ana's Girl said...

I always miss you (and i must admit i worry a bit) when you don't post for a while. But i'm sure you'll do better with the twitter to keep you motivated. Stay strong!