Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Tonight was a good night and day, no food just cigs and diet soda. What was really good tho was the intimate times with W, albeit I hated having to lie about the cuts and scars (which I merely said were mistakes so not exactly a lie). Also I'm down an additional 2 lb bringing me to 134. So I'm getting closer and I'm sure the time in bed with W helped to burn quite a few calories heh heh.

And now I'm exhausted from a very good and tiring day so off the the magical land of sleep, night all.

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Ana's Girl said...

What a perfect reason for cuts and scars. Simply say "mistakes." I'm going to have to use that, if you don't mind.
I'm so glad you and W had a good time... and a fun romp ;) You deserve to feel good, especially when you managed to restrict so fantasticly.