Friday, August 6, 2010


So after last night's bit of food the scales claimed I had gone up to 129 lb. I freaked, I couldn't believe it would happen so quick. I look at the scales today, 126. Nice change but still odd.

Today I was able to go completely without food, all
I had was coffee and cigs. Then I found out that instead of being stuck at home with the pressure of having to eat, there's a party going on instead. So I get out of eating and will prolly do some drinking (only because it makes me lose more weight, if it didn't I wouldn't bother). So party tonight and then tomorrow noone's gonna be home ALL DAY. So from the time I get up until I fade into bed (3-4am) I won't have to eat a bite!

I'm so excited, I may be able to get closer to my 120 goal.


fatpunk said...

hiya, i just chanced upon your blog! i thought id like to say that its inspirational that youre pro-ana! i've just started, could you offer some tips on how to stop making me eat and snack? I WANNA LOST 30lbs! im currently 145lbs! thanks! xx

p.s. i will continue to read up your blog! ty!

Skeleton Strong said...

How does drinking make you lose more weight? Do tell! Is it because you end up throwing up? Or just because you pee a lot? I've been struggling with the whole alcohol/Ana thing myself. :(

Anonymous said...

alcohol is full of calories, it is basically sugar, it is very dangerous to use when ur hanging with ana, its addictive qualities can be amplified when used in conjunction with an ana thought pattern.
to the writer of this blog, please get help and some self worth. ive read all ur blogs, cut urself a break, think bout some CBT from a professional, blog about the recovery u want to achieve. there are a lot of people u could be helping. give it a chance

One of Ana's Boys said...

I can't figure out why the alchy makes me lose weight, im going to assume it's magic... or maybe it speeds up my metabolism... could be the diuretic effect, we may never know. But I will use it's face off.

AnasVballBoy said...

hey there...i have found your blog very made me decide to start my own path with Ana again, and hopefully blogging it will help me stay strong...I would appreciate any tips or advice you can offer...your truly inspirational :) and I will continue to read your blog

Anonymous said...

do u kno any other boy ana blogs??

Anonymous said...

are you fucking gay? don't you need cushion for that ass pushin'

Freddy:) said...

hey there.
I'm male and ana, and you're a fucking inspiration and a beautiful person.
shine on <3

Greatergatsby123 said...

I agree that booze helps you loose weight, last weekend I drank two bottles of Weigh-Less white wine (weigh less is a south african diet company) and ended up puking all night, ok I know we shouldn't purge but...... Anyway I lost 2kg (about 3lb?) And dancing equals exercise. Btw when I am at home and feel like binging, I have half a sleeping pill. I don't eat when I sleep lol. All the best