Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Secrets and Lies

Here's another fun part of ED... you don't get to be honest anymore. Not allowed, forbidden. Hope you didn't enjoy being an honset person, because those days are now gone. Vanished, much like anything over 100 calories, meat, candy, and ice cream. Poof in a cloud of control.

Was away from home all day ith T, we stopped by McDonalds and I got the only thing conceivably healthy: Fruit and Walnut Salad. I then proceeded to eat none of it. I faked like I did, went through the motions with ease and practice. Grab a grape, hand moves up to the mouth, a quick sleight of hand puts the grape into my palm, and as I pretend to reach for another one I drop the original grape back. No eating, no loss of control, instead perfect precision and total control. Welcome to a new world, a world of lies and secrets.

The only calories consumed were from a single beer. The only reason this is allowed is because, by some crazy form of science, my body burns away my fat when I gain alchohol into my system. Though I am admittedly much more buzzed than expected from just one beer. Funny how starving yourself can work that way.


Annie said...

im sorry, i dont think i've commented before. but i was reading through some of your previous posts, and your really inspirational to me. im not sure, just the way you go about thinking, and how you word your posts i really enjoy reading, and you make me want to do better.


Analise said...

Is there any way you can teach me how to do that sleight of hand thing? I suck at it.

I hate lying but it's the easiest way. My godmother notices if I don't eat so I have to leave bowls with milk in and plates with crumbs on lying around. >.>