Friday, September 3, 2010

Working for the darkside

Sorry I haven't been posting I just got a position in car sales and I've just been real busy most of the time. But worry not for I'm back to blogspace.

I was finally able to get back into a high pay position which I love. I enjoy not just the money but also the fact that I'm not home as much so there is much less chance for me to wind up eating. And I've gotten odd positive comments such as people thinking I'm fresh outta high school and that I'm the skinniest person they've seen... Not sure if I buy the last one but whatever.

I've been a little off with dieting but now I'll be able to go full force. Caffeine and cigs, and I can afford the macadamia nuts for doing kekwick whenever I want. Now I'll be able to hit my weight goals as well as my money goals (moving out, car, clothes, etc.)

Today I will go without food. It will be a great day.


Mango said...


jasonkyle said...

Its so true that being at home makes it tempting to eat, but I just remember its not worth it. Your posts have really kept me motivated! Thanx!!
Jay: currently 6ft1 and 126lbs

Lucy's Shadow said...

wow, so glad you got the job!
be strong and keep us posted!


AnasVballBoy said...

You are such an inspiration to me...I have been struggling, so I'm glad you are back...I need the help in focusing...I agree being around the house all day makes it more tempting to eat...just gotta remember that food is the ultimate enemy!!!!

Jay you are amazing for doing that...i'm so jealous!!!!

One of Ana's Boys said...

You guys help keep me motivated too. Love ya all!