Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I decided to actually put up a few pics for others to see, just the face and hair. Both of which look insanely awful. The purple have faded, viciously so. But when it's gone I'm going to super-bleach and do it again. With hopefully much better results.


Mango said...

Whoa... Is your hair that blue (in the last picture) from the glare or was it actually like that? That's crazy! (Crazy's good ^.^)

How's are you with ana now? =)

One of Ana's Boys said...

My hair was that blue but it faded harshly. Im a bit better with ana today tho

Mango said...

Awesome... Hey, I got this really cool link from an ana-blog I've been reading (I'm addicted to them... they're so thinspirational and helpful... knowing that someone is going through the same stuff as me)... I loved it and you might too... =)


Starve on!

Anonymous said...

Honey that is some fried hair! Cut it off, you will look and feel so much better!