Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So in retribution for eating at the buffet last night. Today was a fasting day. And it went perfectly.

Get over to J's house and tell them I ate at home, get home and say I ate there. Perfect. And I picked up some green tea diet pills that seem to have worked before so they shall again.

According to the scale this morning I maintained my 149 lb. And it currently states that I gained a pound, but I feel it's wrong there. I doubt I gained a pounds from water and diet soda. :/

Anyway, tomorrow is back to normal. No more than 500 Cal. Period.

Later, K


Rhianna said...

Well done on making it through a day of fasting!

Good Luck for tomorrow =)

Din Mamma said...

I fast every other day (for 36 hours straight) and it feels GREAT! Congrats on your fasting!

Ana's Girl said...

Excellent job with the fast! Do be careful with the diet pills though, dear. I know when i tried diet pills on little to no food, my heart started to race when i was doing nothing but lying in bed.