Monday, October 8, 2012

A birthday and a funeral

So I found out my mom's birthday was on Wednesday (I'm terrible with birthdays), so we had to go out to eat for her birthday. I allowed for it figuring that I would be OK with one day's slip.

Next day was my aunt's funeral. There was a dinner after that mom said she didn't want to go to, great thought I, No eating yay. Wrong. After the funeral off we went to a diner. Ugh

Unfortunately with both I need to eat "normal" in front of my mom who has in the past accused me of being anorexic. So I ate my normal meal with her, like a normal person. Every bite killed me. I wanted to cut it into tiny pieces, I wanted to throw it away. I managed to eat half of each meal at least, and then promptly forgot to take it home with me (oops).

Weigh in today at 151. Great. I got fatter. Well make up for it with a better today right? Right.

1 can of chicken noodle soup - 220 cal
2 cups of coffee with almond milk - 60 Cal
Total: 280

Better, much better. Under 500 is great, 0 is best but Oh well. We will find out tomorrow how well it worked.

Laters, K


William said...

Hi, I'm not sure if you follow my blog on here but one of your posts was in my little recent posts feed thing. Anyway, I was just feeling how desperately I needed an ana boy to talk with. I'd really really appreciate it if you'd send me an e-mail or something. If not I understand, maybe just write back to me on here on one of my posts at least. Good luck and thank you for now. <3

Fat Piggy said...

Excellent intake beautiful. Keep it up. Slip ups are fine every now and then, and you are certainly doing better than most of us are at the moment. Xo

Ana's Girl said...

Sometimes slip ups are necessary. Try to look at the big picture: It's better to eat more a couple days to fool someone than to not eat those couple times and have them put you in an eating disorder unit where you'd have to eat more and more daily until "recovery". You're doing absolutely beautifully. Keep up the good work and don't let those little slip ups bother you at all.

One of Ana's Boys said...

of course you can chat with me William, I sent you an email we can chat whenever you want.