Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ruined days

So today everything was going great. I'm are 149 lb, empty stomach. Had some salad and 10 carrot sticks for lunch, right on track doing great!

Then Z comes home from work and tells us he's taking us out to the Japanese buffet. Well, fuck. Fuck my day. I was planning on having MAYBE a veggie Burger with mustard (No bread) but instead get dragged to the buffet.

So I decide fuck it. Make the best of it. 1 eel nigiri, 1 salmon nigiri, 1 of those chickens on a stick, and 2 little cheese things they had. I ate what I could find the calorie count of online (the nigiri, half the chicken stick and the cheese things) which came out to around 500 Cal.

So my plan got fucked but at least I was able to not go too far out of it. Hopefully at worst I'll maintain the weight I got to today. And to make up for it I'll be fasting tomorrow which will be easy considering I won't be home all day and can easily avoid food that way. Ugh.

Other than that my day was uneventful, played some borderlands 2 with W, and stayed in my PJ's most of the day (hello Kitty fleece bottoms and a purple & black striped long sleeve shirt.... Yeah I may be a tiny bit gay :) )

Laters, K

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