Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well things are going great and awful at the same time, which is the norm now for me. On the plus side I'm happily with W, have a well paying job, and I'm about to move in with W, and I'm about to have both my cars (1997 Eagle Talon & 1971 Datsun 240Z) up and ready to go... On the down side I've gained weight. The downside is about equal to all the good I've gotten so far. I've done a bit of test questions with W and sorta see if he's alright with me losing weight, so far he hasn't said anything to stop me just stuff like 'Lose what?' and 'There's nothing there to lose'. But I recently saw some pictures he took of me one night and I look just TERRIBLE!

So I need to drop at least 20 Lb. I'm looking for the perfect time to do the Kekwick diet to jump start myself into metabolism city. I'm thinking that since I'm over at his place on tuesday night into wednesday I can't do it then. And I don't work thursdays or sundays... so maybe if I do it friday, saturday, and sunday I'll be good. I can pull that off no problem, 3 days of Kekwick and I should lbe down at least 6 lb... I'll need some support tho, so let those comments roll in, I'll be able to reply now that I'm all set up at the dealership.

Also I need to get myself a new red bracelet... something physical to keep me going...


Dylphe said...

don't you just hate having to "schedule" weight loss? I know how that is. Well you can do it, I know you're strong enough, it'll feel good once you start. I'm starting over again myself today...not with kekwick (spelled right?) but with restriction.
stay strong

Starving Artist said...

I've been toying with the idea of trying that diet, I think I might just try it with you :) I've been needing to cut out all sugar anyways xD a new diet would be the perfect motivation!
Lets do it, that weight Will come off!

Anonymous said...

What's the Kekwick diet? It sounds....interesting :P Good luck, and I hope you find a new bracelet soon! You're right; they're super motivational <3

anagirlempath said...

Hey, sweetie!

I am the new Manager of WebRing's Pro-Ana Ring and am dropping by ring sites to say hi! I LOVE this site; well done with your blog!
I read that you're needing a new bracelet to help you on Ana's Path.
If you're interested in a silicone bracelet, I sell them through my site for $5. They come in red and black, and say "ORDER FROM DISORDER" -- A classic but vague-enough ProAna mantra. ;)
My store is at:
if you're interested!

Good Journey!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am just wondering if you are aware of a new fad among girls that will replace soon anorexia called 'FTM transition". There is an interesting article comparing FTM transition and ED here

Can you tell us what you think about it ?

Thank you :)