Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 2

Another successful fast today. No food, no calories. Coffee and cigarettes. Close call at dinner since mom got chinese food. I was tempted but instead got some of it, took it into the sunoom, then since mom was in the living room, I threw it out into an outside garbage can. I felt much better for getting rid of the food.

It makes sense to throw out the food anyway, even if you eat it it'll still get disposed of, and if you eat it it'll only last you a few moments of pleasure before you start regretting ever having even looked at the food. Bleh. I got the dizzies and I'm exhausted... maybe I can sleep tonight...

Also I apprently finally got below 130... not by much but I'm at 129 as of this afternoon.


Analise said...

Congrats on getting below 130 :)

Ann said...

congrats on under 130! I think i might do a fast tomorrow - it's just so satisfying! :)

pokerface said...

The thought of it being just a fleeting pleasure is such a good motivation. Totally not worth it!

Fasting tomorrow, thanks for the motivation.

J x