Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Melatonin and green tea

So I've started taking some melatonin to try and sleep... seeing as its 12:27 and I'm wide awake I suppose it's not working too well. But I've also started getting some green tea pills to help burn off some of this terrible fat. Yet I remain at 130 lb... grrr.... Still trying to get a job, though things are looking good for a position selling cars.... yeah kinda like being a member of the darkside but also last time I sold cars I was able to make at least $1K a week at times, also I was at my previous thinnest and I'll do it again to get back to it. Anything.


Peridot (G+P) said...

The dark side has better candy. Go on, you know you want that sweet, sweet earning goodness :p

Ana's Girl said...

Working is always a good thing to distract you and keep you from eating, and with money like that coming from it as well, go right ahead and cross over to the dark side, sweetheart. We'll still love you.

Mango said...

RAWR! I ish reading your blog again! ^_^ I misseded you. I thought you told me your other scale said your weight was lower? BELIEVE THAT ONE, YOU SKINNY LITTLE PERSON!