Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plans in action

So let's see, yesterday... Yesterday was the first time in quite a while that I hid food during dinner. Dinner was the only meal I had to eat, and it was roast beef and carrots and potatos. So I took a small bit of carrots and potatos smashed up the potatos to make it look like more, and then every forkfull of the beef went quickly to my hand then lap. Nothing like misusing the sleight of hand I learned for my own goals. I had like 5 of the baby carrots and a tiny amount of potato, then threw it all away. I was proud of myself... I'm not 100% sure that I should have been, I mean it's pretty odd when you think about it... hiding food and all... but par for the course here.

Today I managed to get away from eating all together which at first I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do. But instead of being stuck at home with nothing to do but dread the arrival of dinner, BR called up and offered going to the movies and hanging out, and let me tell you I jumped on that opportunity right away. A slight snag with lunch, but it was quickly dismissed by telling him that I had a big breakfast and wasn't hungry because of it. And then I skipped out right when he was going to have dinner at his place which is 2 hours after dinner at my place allowing me to say I ate at BR's and avoid dinner completely. What I did have a lot of though was Diet Amp and Diet Green Tea, no cals and the green tea sped up my metabolism maybe just a bit but every little ounce helps.

I haven't had the chance to get on the scale yet though gotta wait a bit longer for that, and I was rushed out of the house today so I couldn't do it in the morning... which upset me a LOT. But soon I'll hop on and see if there was any change... please let there be change... let me have dropped even one pound... just let me see my work paying off for me.


Anonymous said...

It will pay off. Why? Logic. Starve yourself of cals/energy and your body must eat its own fat to survive. Law of nature, can't break it. =)

Lucy's Shadow said...

So how about the art you mentioned? Are you going to post?

pokerface said...

Good to see another guy on here still going. Take care man.

Ana's Man said...

are you gone?