Saturday, April 17, 2010

But of course....

Well as it would of course turn out, I manage to go through two whole days in the greatest of zero caloric fashion only to have it all snuffed at the last minute. I assisted with the moving of two friends into their new apartment, and by the end after all got sweaty and exhausted and whilst I sipped upon my Diet Pepsi Max in walks the parents of my friend S carrying with them three pizza's. Obviously Your Humble Narrator attempted to get away from this. But of course lacking a car as a quick get-away I was unable to escape, and saying I wasn't hungry was smashed to itty-bits as it was brought up that they had viddied YHN having not even a malenky bit of food the whole of the night and day before.

On the plus side (for without a plus side and silver lining I would have snuffed it myself by now) my weight remains unchanged at 128. Thus maintaining me being at almost my lowest weight ever recorded by myself and/or others (not that I quite viddy in my gulliver that others keep as thorough track and record as I do, but who knows with all the weirdos like out there). Thankfully in the morn and all of tomorrow I should be able to avoid having to eat.

To my body (which grumbled and rumbled and made awful gurgling sounds at not to me) I say there you go, you got your food now let me keep on starving. 128... only 8 more pounds to gain my first goal of 120, then 10 more down to 110, then we strive more towards 100... Then of course... do I continue into the double digits? Will my body and mind and spirit hold out? Perfection wouldn't be worth attaining if it was easy.


Anonymous said...

>.< That was intense.

DDgirl said...

wow you're doing well, lowest weight ever!
Stay strong!