Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good day after so much failure

Today I had a very satisfying 0 cals! I'm glad I was able to stay strong, there were a couple times that I was tempted. At the gas station with their snacks, at dinner since it was J's day for cooking but thankfully he didn't feel like doing anything fancy so we wound up with burgers and fries. I got myself a burger, some fries, went into the living room, and at first chance threw it all away.

I'm at 129 now. As of a few minutes ago anyway. Diet Coke all day. Now tomorrow should continue the trend as I will be hanging out with B to go see Kickass at the popcorn stadium, and there will be many a temptation O my brothers and sisters. But fear not for your Humble Narrator shall viddy the snackiwacks and malenky treats and satisfy Himself with a simple Diet Pop and continue to slooshy forth unto the film. I will have 0 cal tomorrow, I've regained my strength... And I won't let go.


Cookie Eyes said...

I adore the Clockwork Orange references here.

ghostmango said...

<3 Yay inspiration!

And yay for diet soda... XD

B.__JeZuZ.. said...
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