Friday, February 26, 2010


Ugh... I hate this all. Stuck in my parents' place even with two friends as roomates it's not the same. AND my car is STILL down, sitting in the garage with it's engine strewn hither and tither. Not to mention the biggest thing of all: I can't get away from eating!

GAH it's like no matter how hard I work at it I get stuck eating at least one or two meals a day. Once I can move out (even with friends as roomies) I'll be able to eat WHEN and IF I want (which truthfully is to say rarely) but whatever, why can't it be MY choice if I eat?! Why does such a simple and important decision not get to be left up to me, doesn't it make sense for it to be my choice to eat, instead of HAVING to eat because that's what everyone else does.

Namely I can't stand that my weight is currently hovering between the high 130's and low 140's, it's gotta get lower 110, 100, 90, somewhere DECENT.


Ana's Girl said...

Parent's are like that... They've spent all their lives controlling what you do that they feel compelled to continue and carry it over to your eating. I hate how they always make you eat, just because "it's time to eat". Ugh. I so feel your pain.

PeriAdot (G+P) said...

Waaaaaah!! *Hugs the car* What happened to it?

AnaBullshit said...

yeah, I'm one of the few lucky dad just doesn't seem to let it get through his head fully. And if he hasn't by now I fully doubt he ever will. You'll get out of there eventually, til then, hang in there :)