Monday, January 16, 2012

Next Day

So currently I'm at 160 lb, so 4 lb gone. So far today it's been 1 can of soda (170 cal), 1 Diet Amp (10 cal), 1 Nutrigrain bar (140 cal) bringing the total to 320. I'm not proud of this, and now W wants to have dinner which is a steak filet (230 cal) and mashed potatoes (~120 cal). If I eat this I'll be at 670. On the plus side it's under 1k cal but I was hoping to stay around 400 today... Maybe I'll eat a bit of the steak and some potatoes and bring that down.

Laters, K


Rhianna said...

Maybe just eat the steak...Get some iron and protein, avoid the potatoes...
I cant eat potatoes coz i see them as a useless vegetables with no nutritional value.

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

awesome! down 4lbs already. you're an inspiration to us, K. and don't worry. i don't think 670kcal is that bad and if it bothers you, as Rhianna said, it's awesome if you can just eat the steak and nibble on a potato here and there.
i eat potatoes only because they make me feel fuller faster, but really, like potatoes aren't as fattening as once thought. you can eat half of it? :3
-Sam Lupin
PS. again, awesome job! 4lbs is not NOTHING. because i can't lose a pound at this weight without ballooning up. fuck.