Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back again, lets make it last

I return again... again. So far today I've had 6 pieces of sugarless gum, 1 diet Mnt Dew, and lots of water. I desperately need to drop the weight. I've been feeling disgusting and awful. As if I hated looking in mirrors before, now I avoid rooms with them if possible.

I just don't know how people can just go about their life eating all this food and being fine with it, or even weirder: happy about it. It's like "Man this deep fried bacon mayonaise blob is DELISH!" says Mr. 300 pound lardass. Seriously what is up with these people?! Eating this shit, forcing it into their face non stop... and then THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT THEIR WEIGHT!

Here's some ideas: put down the mayo, walk further than the distance between your couch and the fridge, bike swim run (or lumber whatev), fucking DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Stop bitching that you can't lose weight when you don't even try.

Here I am suffering with my weight, so I eat nothing, drink water and diet stuff, take the stairs everywhere, run swim bike... god damn it this nation of grease and fat disgusts me.


Honor Regzig said...

Welcome back! And I hear ya. The mental disconnect between "I don't like my weight" and eating tons of greasy food is mindboggling. How do they think they got so large?

Starving Artist said...

Hi there, cool you're bein teh backness again. Ya keep dropping off blogger.
I have this problem with people too. Some fatty friend of a friend is constantly complaining about her weight and calling herself fat, and takes the bus three freakin blocks when she can to avoid walking. Another thing that gets me, when fat people say they're fat and people go 'O.o Don't you say that! You're fine!' like, really? You're not helping them at all. Everyone knows you're lying.

hey.hana said...

"or Lumber, whatever it takes"

Ha ha so funny. Good luck on your 0 cals plan - I would join you but all this lovely raw food in my fridge would go bad... I do want to do a liquid fast soon, if next month you are still down:)

A note on cutting: I hate saying "i know how you feel", and I'm not saying that.. But I've been b/p ing a lot lately and I too have been all whyyy? I don't need this it's so bad for me.... But these things seem to just .. Happen, don't they?

Anyway stay strong and carry on and all that jazz....
Xx Hana

Vampire said...

I miss you